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Firewalla Gold - Security Firewall

In one of my earlier post last year, I did a short writeup about Firewalla Gold.

And since then, we have garnered interest from customers asking about it.

  • Built-in VPN Server + VPN Client

  • Deep Insight helps you see the network at up to 3+ Gigabits per second

  • Control your network with intrusion prevention (IPS) and network segmentation

  • Active Protect Rules blocks malicious sites, mitigates hacks and enhances security

  • Parental Control (Ensure your kids do not access sites they are not supposed to)

  • Ad Block (No annoying ads pop-up anymore)

It is simple to install and set up.

Basically just plug, connect and use.

GIF/Pictures Credits: Firewalla

Give us a call at 62620402 or drop us an email at should you wish to place an order for Firewalla Blue, Firewalla Red or Firewalla Gold.

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