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Firewalla Gold

Do you know that Firewalla Gold is ready for sale?

But just in case you haven't heard of Firewalla, let me do a short introduction before I proceed to write about Firewalla Gold.

Firewalla is a firewalla device, helps to block out ads, able to set parental control settings, always in control of your network and many other awesome features.

There is 3 types of Firewalla devices.

Mainly being red, blue and gold.

Red is the more affordable device and suitable for home use.

While for blue, it is suitable for home, office or basically if you want a better performance as it's speed is faster.

Whereas for gold, it's definitely going to be the most awesome of all 3.

With it's powerful hardware, > 3 Gigabits Performance For Now and the Future.

1 Firewalla Gold is equivalent to 6 Firewalla Blue or even 30 Firewalla Red.

We do carry Firewalla products.

Give us a call at 6262 0402 or email to should you wish to make a purchase :)

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