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Next-Generation Firewalls

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are network firewalls powered by purpose-built Security Processing Units (SPUs), including the latest Network Processor 7 (NP7 ). They are the backbone for a security-driven network and are ideal for hybrid and hyper-scale data centres.

Meets hyper-scale and the needs of hybrid IT Architectures.

Allows organizations to deliver optimal user experiences and manage security risks for better business continuity.

Lowers cost and complexity by eliminating point products and consolidating industry-leading security capabilities.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) inspection includes the latest TLS1.3, web filtering, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to provide full visibility and protect any edge.

Inspects traffic at hyper-scale as it enters and leaves the network.

To ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed, all without degrading user experience or creating costly downtime.


FortiGate NGFWs are the best-in-class security that requires timely, global intelligence combined with fast decision-making and response across all critical vectors.

With FortiGrid subscription to your Fortigate NFGW:

Advanced Threats

Stop malicious files and payloads moving into your network with FortiGuard's leading advanced malware, antivirus, and sandboxing capabilities, stopping over 35,000 malicious files per minute.

Intrusion Prevention

Stop unwanted attempts to access your network that target vulnerabilities and configuration gaps, blocking over 10 million intrusion attempts per minute.

Application Control

Safeguard your organization from any risky applications and allows you visibility and control of applications running in your network.


FortiCare provides 24x7 support options to provide the best support and help keep your FortiGates up and running. As mission-critical security-driven networks deserve the best support available, we also have services to help you recover in the rare moments when bigger bumps seem to come out of nowhere, such as our Premium RMA options with 4-hour replacements. 


FortiOps can help customers lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify day-to-day security operations through our FortiOps services, which provide cloud-based management, visibility, and automation across their Fortinet Security Fabric.

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