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IT Solution

Cyber Security Solutions

Acronis Laptop

Modernize your clients' security and backup with integrated cyber protection

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Next-generation cybersecurity platform designed to detect and mitigate tomorrow’s threats today.

Sophos Product
Sophos Product

A simple firewall device that can be

Connected to your router and protect the connection from threats

Firewalla Product
Firewalla Product

A simple firewall device that can be

Connected to your router and protect the connection from threats

Bullguard Product
Bullguard Product

Bullguard is an antivirus software that scans our device(s) to protect against malware


Network firewall that inspects the traffic

that enters and leaves your network at 

hyperscale ensuring only legitimate traffic

is allowed to enter.

Bidefender Product
Bitdefender Product

It includes features from ransomware

protection to password manager and also virtual private network (VPN).

Cloud ERP Software

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Alphabit Technologies provides versatile, cloud-based management solutions for global SMEs and startups. Based in Asia Pacific and MENA, our specialized services include Inventory Management and HRMS, with dedicated teams in Singapore and the UAE ensuring streamlined customer service.

Alphabit Technologies

Cloud Accounting Software


Quickbooks are geared mainly towards small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications

as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manage bills, and payroll functions.

Hero Xero

A cloud-based small business accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing,

expenses, bookkeeping and more.

Cloud HR & Time Attendance Software


Streamline and automate your company's payroll, leave & claims filing. Manage time attendance & shift scheduling with facial Recognition technology


Allows employees to expense on the go in 3-steps-snap, scan and send, all via the mobile app. Also with an automated approval flow to reduce back and forth required to clarify claim discrepancies.


A cloud HRMS System that consists of a Mobile Attendance App, Cloud Payroll, Payslip, Leave Application, And Leave Software

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