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Printers and Plotters

Printers & Copiers
Difference between Printer and Copier

A printer is a machine that can be linked to a device, a phone or computer, and takes in information like text or images from the device itself and transfer it to paper.


A copier is a machine that makes an exact copy of a graphic matter like printings, drawings or pictures.

Now with the all-in-one multifunction printer, it can perform all tasks that standalone copiers, printers, fax machines, and scanners used to perform individually. It is definitely faster, easier and space-saving.

Copier or Printer
What is a plotter?

A plotter is a standalone machine that produces hard copies of large graphic matters, blueprints and diagrams, on paper. Unlike printers, it can draw continuous lines from point-to-point at the same time.


Plotter software includes Adobe Illustrator, Flexi, Computer-aided Design and Corel, and it can read files in vector formats. Therefore, an image produced by a plotter can be enlarged to any size without losing clarity. The plotter can be used by linking to your computer system or as a standalone device with its own internal processor.


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