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What is HReasily?

HReasily focuses on the resources that really matter which is, the people. Their aim is to provide users with solutions that will make their everyday day better and easier. 

Why HReasily?


Get on-the-go updates with their updated employee database located on a cloud server.

Seamless Integration

Automating processes with seamless integration to your software and hardware.

Multi-Country coverage

Available in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Increased engagement

Employees and employers can now easily access their information via mobile app or web.

Self-service platform

Apply and approve leaves, claims, receive payslips, and clock in and out anytime, anywhere.

Simplified processes

Automate your HR process with a streamlined and digitalized system and cloud platform.





Time Attendance

Facial Recognition*


Full Suite

All of the Above

* With Time Attendance

Available Features


The automated payroll processing software that HReasily offers, frees you from hours of manual calculations and filing. Allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


Leave the filing claims manually behind. The claims system that HReasily offers integrates with payroll, allowing customizable & multi-currency claims anytime, and anywhere.


Forget about paperwork. HReasily's leave system allows flexible and accessible leave applications on any device, making it easy for you.

Time Tracking

Connect your hardware device to HReasily's API to have data directly uploaded into their cloud-based system. 

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition software allows quicker clock-in and out for everyone in the office.

Time and Attendance

Detailed reports on time and attendance integrate seamlessly with payroll, cutting down on manual calculations and processing time.


Manage employee shifts and time changes and integrate them seamlessly with payroll.

Mobile and Web App

Access HReasily on the desktop or any Apple or Android device to run payroll easily or check your payslips online anywhere, with HReasily's cloud-based software.

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