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U-CLO is an integrated cloud-based solution supporting various business workflow comprising Inventory/Order Management, Rental order Management, Consignment Management, Simplified Accounting and E-Commerce solutions.

U-CLO was incorporated in 2020 with the purpose to bridge the gap between SME’s and Order Management solutions. U-CLO renders feasible and affordable solutions to start-ups. We develop and deliver enterprise software right from start-ups, SME’s & major Establishments around the world that manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations.


To run your business more efficiently, you can integrate with our U-CLO services and available custom API features. Features include ransomware protection, password manager and also Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here are some of the integrations available:

E-Commerce Integration

It's a major feature that makes your e-commerce transactions directly reflect from website to to your inventory and make it hassle free to manage online orders.

Barcode Integration

Barcode management system can be included exclusively into your existing ERP or Business Software.

Third Party Integration

Client's third party software for example, their existing account software, can be integrate to bridge their inventory along with accounts in order to monitor accurate business flow.

Business Software Integration

Integration with SAP range of ERP's and other (B2B & B2C) business software's are made easy with U-Clo's API integration feature.

Contact us now if you wish to begin your journey with us or if you want to know more.

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