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Why you should choose Cloud Disaster Recovery over On-Premises

Many organizations are now moving towards cloud-based data recovery than on-premises data recovery due to the incurring costs of purchasing hard and maintaining on-premises applications.

But there are still businesses that are unsure of choosing cloud-based DR and here are reasons why you should choose cloud-based DR.

Immediate Data Availability

In the event when disaster strikes, Cloud providers ensure that your systems and business get back up and running fast while minimizing data loss ensuring immediate data availability. This makes disaster recovery painless and increases efficiency.

Less costly

It is less costly without the need of hiring DR experts to manage on-premises DR and there is no need to invest in purchasing and maintaining duplicate hardware or software and there are no capital expenses.

Easily scalable and accessible

You can connect to Cloud on any device anywhere and provides flexibility in what, where, and how much data you can store offsite

Reliable and secure cloud backup

Backing up data to the Cloud could occur as often as 15 minutes. While on-premises DR requires you to meet all required compliance requirements, Cloud providers can ensure compliance with whatever controls you require.

In conclusion, Cloud disaster recovery aims to reduce downtime and spend less on hardware costs.

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