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Various Business - Bookkeeping Farming Accounting

Farming industry is in a way different from most trades.

Farmers depend on crops and livestock for their livelihood which pretty much leads up to nature.

Toiling in the fields takes up most of your time, leaving you with little time to get administrative work done.

Thus you may not have the time to do stock inventory often. This is where an accounting system would be useful.

XERO, an accounting software have a feature to key in the inventory item's price, account, tax rate and description details. Track your inventory items if you want Xero to count stock and account for the cost of goods sold. You can also report on the quantity and value of stock you have on hand.

You may also consider linking up your XERO account with inventory apps, which you can find them on the XERO app store.

If you already have an accountant managing your accounts, XERO allows you to set permission on the backend.

Access your accounts anywhere, anytime. Even if you are on the fields tending to the herd. Since XERO is a cloud based solution, it just makes everything easier.

XERO is available for PSG Grant and claimable up to 70%!

Give us a call at +65 6262 0402 or email us for more details.

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