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Thermal Scanner With Door Access System

After the government announce the starting of Phase 2, the amount of COVID-19 cases is slowly but gradually going up again.

Minority of Singaporeans are going out in more than 5 per group which is not advisable during this period.

Is your company still using thumbprint to take time attendance?

Not everyone is particular about hygiene and some may sneeze or cough and not sanitize their hands after they use their hand to cover their mouth. It only take that 1 individual who is asymptomatic to get the rest of the employees infected.

With this contactless temperature scanner that doubles up as a attendance taking device, it would be a safer approach to prevent the spread of the virus.

Integrates With SafeEntry

This device is able to be integrated with SafeEntry and thus there is no need to paste the paper for employees to scan. They can scan the QR code directly while taking their temperature as well as time attendance at the same time.

Fast and easy, no hassle of getting your staff to manually key in or to take the temperature manually every single day.

No Wifi, No Problem

If you are only using it for temperature taking, there is no need for the thermal scanner to be connected to wifi. Only if you need it for door access and attendance taking, then it will have to be connected.

Report can also be manually retrieved from the device itself as there is a USB port.

Do contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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