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Large Format Printing & Its Uses

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Large Format Printing (LFP) is printing graphics or designs that are larger than commercial printing presses. Large Format Printing uses special production equipment and produces prints like posters, banners, standees, etc.

Uses of LFP

  • Large Graphics for Marketing, Branding, and Advertising Purposes Stage Backdrops, Backlit, Pop-up Displays, Banners, Hoarding Graphics, Vehicle Vinyl Wraps, Printed Retail Graphics and Displays

  • Point of Purchase Displays

  • Trade Shows

  • Internal Messaging

Why should brands use LFP?

LFP deserves to be a top choice among brands as it is one of the most effective methods of marketing. It allows brands to market through outdoor advertising and in other forms.

Outdoor advertising is up till now, one of the inexhaustible methods of marketing. People are often exposed to ads outside of their home, be it on the way to work, running errands or even just taking public transport. Furthermore, due to the large size of outdoor advertising, it tends to catch people’s eyes quickly.

Which materials does LFP involve?

  • Paper Despite being one of the most popular materials for LFP, it is one of the least durable materials, hence it is not the most ideal material for LFP.

  • Vinyl If you are looking to do long-term outdoor installations, vinyl would be the best choice. With its flexibility and variety of finishes, on top of its affordability, vinyl has been used for many outdoor advertisements.

  • Fabrics and Textiles There has been an increased number of LFP for prints on fabric as this material for printing can serve a lot of purposes—ranging from simple frames to acoustic treatment panels.

  • Wood, Metal and other rigid substrates LFP allows the printing on materials like aluminium or wood. Despite the materials not being the most popular choice, it is definitely useful for more abstract projects such as exhibitions.

The differences between Inkjet, Laser and Digital Printing

Why HP?

As many companies are looking for a perfect solution, HP’s DesignJet printers have become a popular choice. HP’s DesignJet printers improve the productivity of companies while reducing expenses and delivering high quality products.

With a wide range of colors and impressive tone reproductions, HP is able to produce exact details by providing subtle contrasts and offering outstanding fade-resistant color consistency. Furthermore, with pinpoint line accuracy and crisp text, readability of products are also enhanced.

HP DesignJet printers have easy installation and operations that help speed up the process for many companies. Color matching from screen to print also allows companies to print out the documents with the right colors on their first try.

Saving money due to a tight budget also means that HP DesignJet is the more suitable option in the market as it requires little to no maintenance and it provides mono and color printing options. These few factors contribute to the fact that HP DesignJet printers are inexpensive in the long run.

If you are looking to buy or rent a large format printer, do contact us at or call us at (+65) 6262 0402.


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