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Inknoe Authorised Partner

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Inknoe Pte Ltd and Ace Business Pte Ltd.


  • Inknoe is a Singapore-born technology company that develops interactive hardware/software solutions.

  • At Ace, our principal is to satisfy the customer by providing our best solutions and services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business.

Products by Inknoe

OnePanel is a large format business grade interactive display, a wireless projection system, a gigantic interactive touchscreen, a hub of collaboration, and the All-in-One communication device designed perfectly for all corporate meeting rooms, agile offices, innovation & co-creation spaces and collaborative classrooms. With sizes up to 98", we are sure there's definately a size that best fits you.

Keynote is an All-In-One interactive digital podium designed for every presentation venue, from small seminar rooms to huge conference theaters. It is a smart touch display with embedded PC that speakers can present with, and it connects to any displays or AV system.

TouchCast transforms your meeting room to be wireless, agile and collaborative. It helps you get rid of cables/adapters, project any device, show/hide your screen instantly, and see multiple devices on the same display. A true turnkey to future-proof business meetings.

HybridBoard is the next-gen interactive smart board that inherits all the beauties from touchscreens, plug & play, finger sensing, multi-touch, and it works with any projector and supports digital/analogue dual use. You can’t find a possibly more powerful interactive board.

Contact us for more information, Tel: +65 6262 0402, Email:

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