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How to recognize phishing scams?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Nowadays, there is way too many types of scams around.

Yet, many people seem to still fall for the scams despite social media sharing tons of information on how to recognize scams and not to fall for scams.

Today, I would like to share about how to recognize phishing scams.

In order to recognize phishing scam, you will need to know what it is about.

Scammers tend to make the emails or text message look like it is a genuine email from the original sender or organization.

The content could be a link which they require you to click on, provide information such as your login details or to open an attachment which you SHOULD NOT do so!

So how do can my organization prevent the employees from falling for phishing attacks?

  • Do not provide anyone with your log in details

  • Do not open suspicious attachment in emails

  • If an email or text message seems too good to be true, it is most likely a scam

  • Update password regularly (Every 6 months or so)

  • Update security patch if updates is required

  • Use a stronger password (Add symbols besides number and alphabets)

  • Verify sender's identity (Give them a call or text to verify, it doesn't hurt to check)

Also, you may wish to consider Acronis!

Acronis Advanced Email Security

Minimize email risks with powerful threat intelligence, signature-based detection,

URL reputation checks, unique image recognition algorithms, and machine learning

with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF record checks.

Ace Business Pte Ltd is a partner of Acronis.

Protect your organization network. Contact us at 6262 0402 or email us at for more details.

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