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How to make your e-Commerce platform stand out

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The website design is the first thing that users see online and that marks the first impression of the brand. Often times when optimizing the website, you might wonder, 'How do I make my e-Commerce platform stand out?'.

To help you with that, here is a list of 7 guidelines to make your e-Commerce platform stand out:

1. Be Consistent

When designing a website, consistency is key. It needs to be symmetrical and presented in the same layout including the fonts, colors, headers, and footers.

Having an inconsistent website leaves customers confused and they might think they're on a different website.

2. Navigation

Having a simple and accessible navigation design makes it easier for users to navigate and willing to spend more time on the website.

Navigation is essential as users need to navigate to the login page so that personalized marketing is more accurate.

3. Reading Pattern

Studies found that users tend to read from the top left side to the top right side and then descend to the next level.

Since users tend to ignore the contents on the right side, having contents placed on the left side will most likely catch their attention.

4. The Simpler, The Better

Having a simple design makes it more balanced. It can be attractive and easier for users to find the product whereas having too many elements can easily distract the user and result in a complex website.

5. Mobile Web Design

With a growing increase of mobile users, websites can gather the highest traffic from mobile phone users.

With this said, the web design layout on different mobile phone sizes must fit properly otherwise there would be a loss of consumers due to the improper web design.

6. Target Audience

Know your own Target Audience. If your product targets 'professional' consumers, the description need not be wordy as most of the users are educated.

7. Simplified Payment Checkout

Simplifying the check-out process makes it easier and less decision-making fatigue for consumers.

We can use Google's autofill for Shipping/Billing addresses and make sure to set clear error messages so customers won't abandon their orders due to operational errors.

In conclusion, having a good website design helps brands to stand out among others. Businesses can refer to these 7 guidelines to provide a good experience for customers and see business opportunities rises.

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