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Canvas of clarity: Choosing between a White Wall and a Projector Screen

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Why do I need a projector screen if I already have a white wall or white bed sheet?

man displaying using projector and screen

Using a projector screen helps you maximize the most of your projector. Optical coatings are applied to dedicated screens to improve their reflective qualities, giving you the most precise image!

A high-end projector screen is made to show off the full potential of your high-resolution projector. When a projector hits a surface that does not compromise the quality of the pixels, the true resolution of the image is only visible to the spectator.

A screen can reflect light better than a plain wall can. The projected image will become less clear as a result, and it may even become distorted or blurry.

with and without screen

Additionally, a wall has flaws like bubbles and paint drips. When a projector's light shines on these, each of them will be highlighted. Your viewing experience will be ruined by these imperfections.

Why consider a screen with border?

The border, often referred to as the "black border" or "screen border," is the non-projection area surrounding the actual screen material. This border is usually black and absorbs any stray light that may spill onto the screen, preventing it from affecting the projected image. The black border enhances the contrast of the projected image, making it appear sharper and more defined.

Ultimately, while the border may not be the most critical aspect of a projector screen, it does contribute to the overall viewing experience and is worth considering when choosing a screen for your specific needs.

Whether its for business or home use, Ace business has something for you!

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