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5 Favourite Automation Features In XERO

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Think of automation as the brawn in your business or practice. When you use tools and features that do the heavy lifting of all of those little daily to-dos, you free up the brain to focus on the bigger picture.

Here are some of the Features:

A new look for bank rules

Setting up bank rules is an easy way to get Xero to automatically code transactions on your bank reconciliation screen, based on the criteria you have set. They can save you time, reduce human error and ensure consistent coding.

Xero's team recently gave bank rules a new look that aligns with other features in Xero.

Upgrade the technology that underpins the platform. They also improved the functionality, including streamlining the steps to create or edit a bank rule, as well as the ability to switch between rule types without losing data.

Powerful, accurate bank reconciliation

Last year, They announced that they are building machine learning algorithms to power bank reconciliation predictions, so Xero can accurately predict your transactions’ contact and account codes.

Xero's system suggests the who and the what of your transaction, eliminating the mental load of having to remember and log everyday business activity. All you’ll have to do is click ‘OK’ to reconcile the transaction fully, and it’ll be coded to an account from your chart of accounts.

Speedy invoice management

When you’re knee-deep in everything from sales meetings to life admin, creating, sending or following up on invoices can easily fall to the wayside. New invoicing helps you to add a layer of ease to your invoicing, which in turn, looks after your bottom line.

Features like automatic invoice reminders and repeating invoices help lighten your workload, so you don’t have to remember to send or chase invoices. Adding GoCardless and Stripe as a payment method on your online invoices can also help you automate the process of getting paid in a way that suits your customers’ desire for a low-touch, digital payment experience.

Speed up bill entry with e-Invoicing

Xero focus on e-invoicing automates the process of exchanging invoices with other businesses and government departments.

Xero’s e-Invoicing solution offers near real-time delivery of invoices directly into the recipient’s accounting software, appearing as a draft bill to be approved and paid. Overall, it’s a safer and faster way to send and receive invoices, saving you time and helping facilitate you getting paid sooner.

Improvements to Hubdoc

Logging expenses is a critical part of running a business or practice, but the work involved in manually inputting these details has involved a hefty time investment in the past. When Xero acquired Hubdoc, the team wanted to ensure that its leading data capture technology would help to lift this load.

  • A number of enhancements to improve your experience and continue to improve the speed and stability of the product

  • Ability to upload HEIC/HEIF documents from your iPhone

  • Faster response when typing in the Xero ‘contact’ field


The more business practices you can automate, the better. it is less time on manual toil means more productive time to focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

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