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5 Common Technology Problems For Small Businesses

Information Technology is critical for most companies and if things aren't going well with IT, powerful business tools become frustrating to use and cause expensive roadblocks.

Small businesses can face a number of technical problems especially when it's first starting out. Hence, we have listed down solutions for common technology problems faced by small businesses to help you ou

Lack of Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters such as a power outage, server crash, or any other data disaster have the power to delete data in just seconds which increases downtime and expenses to recover.

Solution: Back up your files regularly and store your important data on a secure cloud service or external drive to prevent data loss.

Temporary Fix vs. Root Cause

Many times you'd find yourself fixing the same issue again and again. That's because you're doing a temporary fix instead of finding the root cause of the problem.

Solution: Analyze and solve the main cause of the problem to keep it away for good.

Security Risks

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and small businesses are being targeted more so often. If your security isn't secured or updated regularly. you are at risk of a data breach which can damage your business reputation and financial bottom line.

Solution: Invest in an extra layer of security such as anti-virus software or talk with an IT expert to learn about security risks and how to prevent them from happening.

Integration Issues

With newer technologies, it can be troublesome as they don't always integrate seamlessly with older systems or applications which results in double-entry of data or having to look in more than one place for critical information.

Solution: Thorough planning before implementation can help to minimize these issues.

Outdated Software

Having outdated software makes you vulnerable to risks such as ransomware attacks, malware, and data breaches as it doesn't have the capability to withstand an up-to-date cyber attack.

Solution: Ensure that all of your software is up-to-date to prevent vulnerabilities and security risks to your business.

Small businesses often face technical issues, which are easy to avoid. Now that you know how to prevent these issues, you don't have to worry about them if you encounter such issues in the future which reduces downtime and increases efficiency.

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