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Cloud Accounting Softwares

It's year-end and you are still looking for an Accounting System?

Need an easy-to-use system to help with your daily operations, real-time update on your business, together with professional detailed financial reports for your GST, ECI, Corporate Tax submission, all within a budget?

Here we share with you 2 systems that are able to provide you just all that at a fraction of usual accounting system.

Accounting System

What is Cloud Accounting System?

These are system that are build on the cloud - so means you do not need to invest expensive IT equipments, servers, computers to use them.

All you need to do is just have internet access, and you can login to your secured accounting system.

Backups are done on secured servers, with the highest security compliance, so you do not need to worry about system down or data lost.

Basic Features of a Cloud Accounting System

1. Work anywhere, anytime with just internet connection

2. Easy invoicing and data entry (Great for non-accounting trained too)

3. Keep track of your inventory

4. Multi-Currency option available too

5. Backup and attach your files into the system. No need to keep finding where that drawing/ specs sheet is.

6. Clear reporting helps in your quarterly GST submission and even Year-End Financial closing

7. Auto Backup of system that save your space and money

System Available: QuickBooks Online

Depends on your requirements, there are various packages available.

Promotions runs from time to time, so contact our Advisors to get the last prices!

Below is a quick guide for you:

QuickBooks pricing

System Available: XERO Accounting System

With unlimited users, so its totally scalable!

You may start from the lowest package and expand your business forward!

XERO Pricing

Let's Start Today!

We are the Certified Advisors and Partner of both XERO and QuickBooks Online.

We contact onsite User/ Admin Training, with Data migration from your existing system too.

Do schedule an advisory session with our Advisors, whom would be able to provide an indept understanding and analysis of which system is best suitable for your business.

To schedule a meet up, Call us at 6262 0402 or email to

We look forward to hear from you!

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