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Choosing An AIO Desktop

What is AIO?

AIO Desktop means All In One Desktop which have all the components within the same case as the monitor except the keyboard and mouse. Biggest benefits is space saving, lesser cables, easier to relocate and consumes less power thus generating less heat.

Screen size goes up to 24" which is wonderful for those long spreadsheets.

Touch screen is also one of the must-have function, which helps when having a discussion.

What situation is it best used for?

As most AIO have a larger screen size and some even comes with a curve screen, it's great for both personal and business use. From watching your favorite movies to video-conferencing, this machine helps you get it done.

For touch screen AIO, it would be good if you are only using the touch screen function for awhile, if not, look for AIO which can recline down to horizontal or almost horizontal as your hand might get tired after awhile. It might also come with a stand for certain models for you to view websites and pictures fully which is good for website developers or designers.

Upgrade options Depending on your machine, upgrades would be possible.

Upgrading the RAM or SSD, or even the graphic card can give a new life to your machine, all without breaking the bank.

At ACE, we have a wide variety of AIO machines for your selections. We carry all brands of IT hardware (Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and many more).

So feel free to speak to our friendly customer service team, they would be happy to help you select the most suitable machine.

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email to today!

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