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  • Rebekah Peh

Staying Safe Online by Protecting Your Devices

Most of us love to surf the net to play games, source for data we require, watch videos etc. But what many do not know is that you have to protect your devices from hackers , malware or thieves if your device gets lost or stolen.

For everyone, including adults and kids, businesses too

As for adults, we shop online and would have to key in our credit or debit card information on the checkout page and we don't think much about it but what if this information is being stole by hackers who would misuse it?

Purpose of buying Anti Virus

It is to safeguard yourself, your children and your company.

From hackers, ransonware, threats while surfing the net, valuable data.

Is it worth to spend it?

Of course it is worth it. You are only paying approximately $ for a year, which means

(I am using as a guideline pricing. Pricing would still depends on which antivirus provider software you are using)

You get to safeguard your activities on the net and protect your personal information.

You will be able to remote wipe clean your phone data if your phone get lost or stolen.

Why buy insurance – it’s for protection and peace of mind

Panda/ Bitdefender/ Trend micro/ ESET/ Symantec

Do not wait till it is too late, contact us to place order for your antivirus software now.

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