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Computer Doctor - Here to help with your computer issues

If you have use a computer before and most likely you have, you might have faced some technical difficulties while using it.

There is a few types of problems commonly faced and I will be sharing about them below.

Types of common problems faced

Failure to get computer to start up or computer is showing a blue screen

It might be due to hardware or software issues.

Computer suddenly power off or restart by itself

You might lose some critical files which you were working on and what could be worse? You might need to submit them in a few hours or the next day.

Computer system is slowing down

Hardware Problem

Your computer might be failing or it could be that the memory is full. And also, opening too many tabs at a time could cause the computer to slow down.

Software Problem

It could be due to malware so do scan your computer regularly and clear out files which is infected.


The cooling fan might be failing on you or the dust buildup on CPU heating sink could be the few reasons why there is overheating. It can become unstable, compoments might be damaged or it would suddenly shut down by itself.

Weird Noises

It could be due to the cooling fan inside the computer or it could be due to components which are old or starting to fail.

Onsite, Carry-In or Remote Support

While you are thinking to opt for onsite, carry in or remote support, you can skim through the below to help you decide faster.

Onsite support would be good if it is a computer or quite a number of computers which might need IT support.

Carry in would be good for those who only have 1 or 2 laptops and is convenient to carry it over to the IT support store.

Remote would be good if it is just software problems so you save time and money.

How we can help

At Ace Business Pte Ltd, we provide IT Support regardless of it being onsite, carry-in or remote support. We aim to help you solve the problems you are facing on your computer.

Contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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