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Cloud vs Physical Server Pros & Cons - Which is better for your business?

Difference of physical server vs cloud

Cloud Server

It is a virtual server which is also known as cloud computing and do not have to be directly dependent on a single server.

Physical Server

A physical server is piece of equipment on which data is stored and read. It can be stored in your company's server room or a data center with a trusted vendor. Physical servers are generally owned and managed by your company.

Things to consider

Cloud Server


Every organization will have a limit to data that can be stored in the cloud due to storage availability and cost unless they upgrade their subscription plan.

If the Internet is down on your side or on your cloud provider’s side, you won’t have access to any of your information.

Full data recovery can be time-consuming and impactful on systems.


Websites hosted by cloud server loads faster and also, you would get a faster service as it is fast and secure.

If you need to upgrade your memory and disk space, it is easy and quick to upgrade. Also, it is more affordable.

Physical Server


You get to host your own website without having to share with others. Keeps critical data in-house and thus no third party can have access to your information. And no internet access is required if you need to access your data.


Your company is required to fork out for investment in hardware and infrastructure.

Space is needed to store the server thus you would need to clear out space in your office to put the server or you would need an empty room just for the server as well as dedicated IT support.

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