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Dropbox Business

Drobox Business

Dropbox business is giving 2 months free off each new end customer's annual subscription.

With Dropbox, you enjoy more data storage space and tight security over shared data.

Account Transfer Tool

Easily transfer files from one user to another when responsibilities change.

Flexible Storage Plans

You can choose the plan your team is suitable for to ensure they have the space they need.

Link Permissions

Password-protect your links, disable downloads, or set expiration dates to grant temporary access.

Remote Wipe Features

Clear files from lost or stolen devices to keep company files in the right hands.

Smart Sync

Access every file in their Dropbox, right from their desktop, using very little hard disk space.

Team Folder Management

Get visibility and control over team folders, including sync management.

Ace Business Pte Ltd is official partner for Dropbox.

Contact us for more information.

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