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Work from Home (Office 365)

With all the tools needed in one, Office 365 is the perfect online shared workspace for everyone. Read on to find out more.

Cost Efficient

Office 365 is cloud based meaning there is no need for you to get a NAS and take up space in your office.

It is also based on subscription monthly or yearly and thus no upfront lump sum of payment needed meaning you can can change plans when you wish to and not be stucked to a plan.

Easy Collaboration

OneDrive allows you to share and collaborate with your colleagues who are working from home due to the COVID-19 and is on LOA or simply because your company is arranging for different teams to be working from home on alternate days. Everyone can work on the same version and get real time updates instead of having multiple version which makes it messy.

Work Anywhere

Pickup from where you left. Perhaps you have left the office but still have work to be done, you can just log in and resume your work. There is also the web version should you be using your tablet to get work done but don't wish to download any apps. Basically you can log in to do your work as long as you have a mobile device/ tablet/ computer as well as being connected to the internet.

For more details or should you wish to subscribe to Office 365, you can contact us at 6262 0402 or email to

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