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Why must I invest in a Thermal Scanner?

Now you must be thinking, why should you even be investing in a thermal scanner when it is much easier to get a thermometer when it is cheap and portable?

A normal thermometer cannot be of contactless touch even for forehead thermometer as you would still need to press the button on the thermometer itself. And the accuracy rate differs from thermometer to thermometer.

It would also be taking up alot of time for your employees to be doing this and also, if 1 or more staff happen to carry the virus but is asymptomatic, it wouldn't be good to have them press the button on the thermometer as there will be others who needs to get their temperature taken too.

But for the thermal scanner which I am writing about, it is easy to use and definitely contactless.

Employees only have to stand infront of the thermal scanner, get their temperature taken within 1 second, scan SafeEntry QR code on the screen to check in/out and they are done.

If anyone tries to get their temperature taken but they are not wearing mask, there will be an audio alarm.

Lastly, this thermal scanner is super convenient and a good way to replace punch card machine. It have AI recognition features so clocking in and clocking out can be alot easier for everyone.

Do contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

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