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Why do we need a Firewall?

A firewall is a security device that protects your network by filtering traffic and blocking unauthorized access to your private data. It can also block malicious software from infecting your PC.

Firewall manages your network by monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks off unwanted traffic or unrecognized sources.

Why do we need a Firewall?

There are three major reasons why you need a Firewall:

Open Access

Without a Firewall, your network has open access as you're accepting every connection into your network and have no threat detection which makes your devices vulnerable to strangers.

Data loss

Having an exposed network gives cybercriminals a chance to gain control over your device and access your important files and remove them or use them maliciously.

Network Crash

Without a Firewall, attackers are able to shut down your network. Attempting to recover your data takes time and money.

In conclusion, if you're always on the internet having a firewall is critical as it protects your computer and personal data from cyber threats which are evolving nowadays.

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