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What is Ransomware?

Have you heard of ransomware before and wonder what is it about? Or if you haven't, you should read on.

Let's start off now to get you equipped with some knowledge on it, how it infects your system, who are the target and how to secure your files against Ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of malware which prevents the user from accessing their files.

Cybercriminals will hold on to your files and demand ransom. But at times, even after you paid the ransom, you might not get your files back fully.

Types of Ransomware


It is a malware that spreads through email and once it infects your system, it encrypts

files with certain extensions.


It infects systems and is able to identify and encrypt network drive as well as deleting shadow copies thus causing the user to be unable to recover files without external backup.

There is also a new variant of RYUK known as RYK.


It appeared in 2017 and target those who are using Microsoft Windows Operating System by encrypting their data and demanding ransom. Ransom have to be paid in bitcoin. Most companies infected were organizations that did not update the patch when Microsoft released patches to end the exploit or those who were using older Windows system which are way past their end of support.

Though it is 2019 now and Wannacry have been around for 2 years, there are still users that gets infected and paying ransom seemingly unaware that they might NOT get their files back.

How to protect your systems against ransomware?

It can happen to anyone, no matter whether you are in an organization or just using your personal laptop. As long as you have a computer or laptop and it is connected to the internet, there will be a risk of getting infected unless you are equipped with antivirus.

Getting the right antivirus would help definitely.

Would advise against entry level antivirus as they might not work as good as this 2.

You wouldn't want to be paying ransom as it is not going to be cheap and you might not be getting your files back.

You can consider Bitdefender or Panda Antivirus as they are the few which are better among the rest. Bitdefender offers more security enhancing feaures and have no false positive detection whereas Panda offers 100% detection rate according to the Real-World Protection Test.

Contact us to get your computers secured with antivirus now!

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