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What is Firewalla Device?

Firewalla is a capable device which plugs into your router and protects your connected home from a host of network and internet threats. A firewall detects and blocks external access to your baby monitor, smart speaker or other connected devices, for instance. Local network monitoring spots new devices as they connect, disables them as required, and warns you about devices exposed to the internet.

Complete Cyber Security Solution

To have a better security is a necessity as we move towards a connected age, where our cars, homes, and money are all connected and controlled by computers and IoT devices. The stakes are much higher, as hackers will be able to attack not just our bank accounts but our cars and homes. Connected consumer and business products have begun flooding the market, but security has been an afterthought. The world now has to figure out how to secure these connected things.

Firewalla is a network layer security device

Inside a tiny Firewalla box lies sophisticated functions to inspect and control your network traffic. It provides layers of protection using:

  • Rule-based filtering

  • IDS (intrusion detection system)

  • IPS (intrusion prevention system)

  • Intelligent behavior analytics

  • And built-in VPN services (server and client) for secure communications.

Here are some explanations for the Feature

1.Rule-Based Filtering

The rules module inside Firewalla filters incoming and outgoing packets at the IP/port level. A rule is defined as an action ("block", and the soon to be supported "allow") against a list of ip addresses (can be individual host, domain, network and region) with ports. There are different types of lists:

  • Cloud-based lists: lists maintained in the cloud to drop packets coming from known sources of malicious hosts or ads (if Ad Block is turned on)

  • Static lists: rules configured by the user

  • Dynamic lists: block lists based on commonly used categories such as gaming, video, etc. They come with a default set of targets, but gets updated dynamically based on your network usage.

2.Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Firewalla monitors your network and alerts you when it detects malicious activities & vulnerabilities. Here are some examples of what it can do:

  • Detect new devices connecting to your network and disable them if needed.

  • Detect if a phishing or malware link is clicked on a PC/Tablet/Phone.

  • Detect if strangers are watching or hacking your security camera, baby camera, or any connected device.

3.Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Firewalla is not just a passive device when it comes to monitoring the bad guys. The unique cloud-based behavior analytics engine utilizes deep insight at the network flow level and actively monitors and detects suspicious connections 24/7. Suspicious connections are categorized into different levels. For the ones that are very sure to be "bad", Firewalla will automatically block the connection.

4.Intelligent Behavior Analysis

Firewalla consists of the box, the app, and the intelligent cloud. Firewalla's intelligent core constantly analyzes your behavior and sends you alarms when it detects activity that’s out of the ordinary. These algorithms offer you an extra level of protection that you can control.

Want to get a Firewalla for Cyber Security?

To purchase a Firewalla device, head over to now!

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email us at to get information on which Firewalla devices are suited for your needs.

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