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What is Cloud Data?

Cloud data allows you to save data in an offsite location which you can access with internet connection which is by cloud providers.

It is a practical solution to storing documents / files as your computer have limited space to what it can store in it.

When storage space is running out, you will have to transfer your data to an external storage device.

The good thing about cloud data is you can downsize or upgrade the data storage space you require. And that means you are only paying for the amount of space you are using which makes it cost efficient.

I personally like this point about cloud data. Cause I do not have to pay extra for something which I am not using.

Cloud data is good for SMEs or even personal usage as compared to data center as data center would cost more.

For cloud data cost, it depends on which provider you choose and also, how much storage space you require. So if you require alot of storage space, the cost will definitely be higher.

So how can this help you and your business?

Imagine that you are having a full data center and can have access to your data anywhere at anytime. Best is not having to put in the full cost of setting up a server. But you can pay just less than 0.0001% just to get access to your own secured cloud data without breaking the bank.

So all in all, Cloud Data is something you can consider.

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