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What is Bullguard Anti-virus?

Bullguard Anti-virus is software that provides powerful layered protection against all types of malware such as Phishing attempts, trojans, spyware, or worms. It makes short work of ransomware and quickly identifies and nullifies new, advanced threats.

What can Bullguard Anti-virus do?

1. Dynamic Machine Learning

The security is now enhanced with more extensive machine learning capabilities across multiple layers of protection. Bullguard's unique Dynamic Machine Learning continually monitors everything that happens on your devices. It can enable real-time detection and block suspicious malicious behavior before it can damage your devices. It even runs when your device is not connected to the internet.

2. Multi-layered protection

When malware attempts to attack your computer, light and fast signature-based detection protect against the most common threats while the Sentry behavioral engine protects against zero-day and other complex threats.

An Access engine protects you even if you never run a manual scan just to be safe. When you are connected to the internet, cloud detection technology detects threats as they emerge in real-time, without the need to update the signature on the device.

3. Vulnerability Scanner

It prevents applications that might contain malware from automatically downloading and will check the authenticity of applications and drivers by verifying their digital signatures. It will alert you if there are missing security updates and warns you if you are connecting to an unsafe Wi-Fi network.

An elegantly simple interface enables you to spot security issues at-a-glance which then can be directly addressed from interfaces itself such as Windows updates and vulnerable Autorun Settings.

4. Game booster

Bullguard's Game Booster includes compatibility for anti-cheat engines, improving support for major online games. It has improved support for broadcasting during gameplay that ensures uninterrupted video performance for gamers that want to capture their games.

5. Secure browser

A custom-built browser that enables a safer way to browse the internet and a much safer platform to make online payments. It is layered protection to keep you safe from a wide range of well-known and dangerously damaging browser attacks.

It doesn't load cookies, plug-ins, or extensions without your permission, and it delivers the functionally of a browser you would expect such as address bar hints, suggestions, and shortcuts.

6. Parental control

Have your children spent time alone on the computer? Concern about what websites they are visiting? Bullguard Parental Controls enable you to discreetly protect them from websites they visit. You can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, and the time limit your children can spend online. You can view monitor activity and even block certain applications if you think they are suspicious or not safe. It will keep your children safe.


Bullguard have all the essentials to keep you safe from viruses. Your computer is protected from general threats on the internet. In addition, it includes much gadgetry to make/keep the use of your computer as pleasant as possible, It is a very safe, stable, and great virus scanner. It does what it has to do to keep your devices safe.

Want to understand more about Bullguard?

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email us at to get the information details on your needs.

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