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Choosing the Right Types Of Printers

There are many types of printers in the market nowadays, designed for various needs such as business, home or school.

Some common types of printers are inkjet, laserjet and pocket printer.

Long Run Usage & Cost

For this, it depends on whether you are printing Monochrome or Color, Documents or photos. The amount of space you have to put the printer matters too.

Inkjet printers is physically smaller than laserjet printers, so it's most suitable if there's space constraint.

Inkjets are also reputed for their print quality on photo printing, in terms of color output, and detailing..

If you are printing documents, Laserjet would be your go-to option. It provides a sharp image for documents, while keeping your cost low.

To find out what printers are most suitable, call us at 6262 0402 or email to

Our customer representatives would be happy to assist you!

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