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9 Most Common Microsoft Office Problems & Their Quick Solutions

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The Excel component of the Office Suite offers a plethora of services. Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Access Ecosystem are just a few examples.

Every update introduces new features, such as the following in Office 2019.

  1. Increasing Visual Impact

  2. Use of 3D Models on a Large Scale

  3. Inking

  4. Functions

  5. Fixes for Accessibility

Managing your resources in accordance with all of the ongoing updates is a complex task, so enlisting the assistance of an experienced IT support provider becomes essential. They are always available to you and assist your organization in running smoothly.

Some Microsoft Office problems occur more frequently than others; however, if you know how to solve these common issues, you will no longer need to contact an IT support technician for minor issues.

Not only will this save you time, but it will also free up your organization's IT support resources. They will also be able to concentrate more on complex tasks.

1: Incorrect Outlook Password

Working in an organization requires a high level of collaboration. However, it has some drawbacks. If anyone in the organization changes the password and you are not informed, you will be left scratching your head.

Worse, if you are unaware of who changed the password, you may suffer a significant productivity setback, as well as a security risk.

All you have to do to avoid such a hassle is:

a. Select the 'forgot password' option to be taken to a new page. Enter a different email address to receive future notifications about this issue.

b. Fill out the recovery form with the information provided by the Microsoft team. This will include the date the account was created, the location it was used in, the phone or systems it was used on, and so on.

c. Provide as much relevant information as possible. Your application will be reviewed by the Microsoft team. On weekdays, the entire review process can take a few hours. On weekends, you may have to wait a couple of days.

d. Once you've received the 'Set new password' link, make sure your new password adheres to Microsoft's guidelines, which include a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

e. Congratulations, your account has been successfully recovered!

2: Outlook Crashes

Outlook becomes clogged with files over time and begins to display limitations. It will take longer to load than expected and may even cause scroll lags.

And it will occasionally close unexpectedly. The best solution to this problem is to archive old files that are no longer in use in order to free up resources. You can also significantly improve performance by deleting unnecessary large files.

3: Office Installation Error

It is common to encounter problems while installing Microsoft Office, and many businesses complain about it on a regular basis.

The error usually occurs if you are using an older version of Office Suite. This can lead to issues such as:

  1. Invalid password

  2. Installation took longer than usual.

  3. The window is automatically suspended.

  4. The window is unresponsive.

To avoid such issues, install the software under the supervision of a Microsoft technician. This assistance can be provided in person or remotely via screen sharing.

Both are functional and will provide you with a clean installation experience. However, if you were negligent in following this procedure, you can correct your error by reinstalling the Office Suite.

Before proceeding, make certain that all previous Office installations have been properly uninstalled.

4: Blue Screen

Technically, the blue screen is not an Office 365 problem but a Microsoft OS issue. However, this screen could unexpectedly show up while using the Office Suite.

This occurs due to recent driver updates or any hardware failures. A simple restart or a hard reboot can fix this problem.

5. Unsaved Documents

When multitasking, minor mistakes are unavoidable. However, if you do not have a system to back you up, these errors can be costly.

And one of the most common mistakes made while multitasking is unexpectedly closing a file. Thus, if you, too, have a habit of making this mistake every now and then, AutoSave features are ideal for you.

AutoSave works in conjunction with OneDrive. As a result, every file you work on is automatically saved after each change you make.

As a result, the next time you close a file by accident, you can go to the OneDrive repository and retrieve your data.

6. Delays In Opening Word Documents

This became clear following the Fall Creators Update, also known as Windows 10 Version 1709. Several users have reported that their word documents take longer to open than usual and occasionally crash.

The new version of the Office Suite is actively tracking and scanning for malicious content that can compromise your security and expose your organization's confidential information, which is causing this slowdown.

Microsoft claims to have been working on this problem and that future updates will be free of it.

7. Business Contact Manager Crash

Business Contact Manager (BCM) is a crucial Outlook add-on for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Furthermore, if you're experiencing frequent crashes, as with the majority of the issues on this list, it's most likely due to recent system updates — particularly if you've upgraded from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10.

The simple solution is to reinstall 'Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft.NET Framework.'

8. Unable To Print Word Documents

To resolve this issue, start with looking out for basic hardware shortcomings. Some common instances include lack of paper or ink and no connectivity.

If your hardware is in check and you still face issues while printing, then deem the issue to be a technical one and try troubleshooting. Go to ‘device manager’ and select the ‘printer’ section. Start with the troubleshooting process and your issue will get resolved within seconds.

If the problem still persists, then an IT support technician is your last yet best resort.

9. Sync Problems

Have you ever closed a file only to discover that your data was not saved? Then, understand what sync issues are.

The source of this issue could be as simple as a bad internet connection, but it could also be your worst nightmare. As a result, before closing any files, always ensure that your WiFi or ethernet cable is securely connected.

If the problem persists, go to the status bar's 'WiFi tab,' navigate to 'network & internet settings,' and double-click on 'network troubleshooter.' This will immediately resolve your problem.

Didn’t Find Your Problem Listed Above?

We’ve enlisted the most common problems with Microsoft Office. However, if you’ve been facing issues apart from the aforementioned ones, then yours is a critical problem.

However, every problem has a solution. If you cannot resolve any issues yourself, we recommend contacting an experienced IT support team to resolve them for you.

Call us at +65 6262 0402 or email us at to get the information details on your needs.

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