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Small Device, High Level of Protection!

Technology has evolved and so has the attacks of cybercriminals. During the past year of COVID-19, the number of cybercrimes has increased tremendously due to the increase of potential victims on the net.

Cybercrimes will continue to evolve and more users will turn into victims. Kids and elderlies are more prone to be targeted and to prevent this, it is best to keep your family and yourself protected.

We would recommend a simple firewall device called Firewalla.

Firewalla is a firewall device that connects to a router and is controllable through a mobile application (in Android and IOS).

Main benefits of Firewalla

  • Complete Cyber Security

    • Users will be able to detect incoming network traffic, malware or phishing links, intrusion through any IoT devices, and prevent potential cyber-attacks automatically.

    • Users will also be able to control any unusual activities and set rules against specific IP addresses.

    • Functions available are rule-based filtering, IDS (intrusion detection system), IPS (intrusion prevention system). intelligent behaviour analytics and built-in VPN services.

  • Activity and Parental Control

    • Having complete visibility and control over activities can help maintain a high level of cybersecurity.

    • Users will be notified of the current running activities and incoming connections to specific networks.

    • For safer viewing of the web, users can block off unwanted content, ideally used for inappropriate content that would reach the children.

    • Users can also implement rules for specific timings or applications to further protect their children.

  • Privacy Protection

    • Setting up an encrypted connection can protect you from any potential cyber-attacks.

    • Users can surf the net safely, access any home devices (IoTs) and prevent any eavesdropping as your VPN server is private!

    • Users can enjoy the high-security protection level outside of the house as if they are home!

Types of Firewalla

For families and SOHO users, Firewalla Red and Blue are optimized for affordability.

For pro and business users, FIrewalla Blue Plus and Gold are optimized for power and speed.

Read more about the differences here.

If you would like to enquire or place your orders, do contact us at or call us at (+65) 6262 0402. You can also visit Firewalla product page in our subsidiary brand, Compaqs to orders yours today!

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