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Secure Office Network while WFH

With the pandemic now, a lot of businesses are working from home. This increases the risk of company data and confidential resources being leaked from cyberattacks when connecting to the office server.

But with Firewalla, you can keep cyber threats away from your network and monitor the devices connected to the network. It also has VPN features to connect to the office server whenever you're away from the office but want to access the file server, printer, or resources.

The Firewalla VPN client directs any of your home devices to a VPN connection. There are three types of VPN connections:

  • Site-to-Site

  • Remote access

  • Third-party Server

Site-to-Site makes it possible to connect two Firewalla networks, devices under one network can reach the other network securely.

Remote Access is a one-way connection that allows you to securely connect to the network and access the resources remotely.

3rd Party Server allows you to connect to another VPN server by importing your existing server profile. You can select the devices you want to connect to the 3rd Party VPN on the Firewalla App.

In conclusion, with Firewalla VPN you can browse safely anywhere, anytime. It is easy to set up, provides secure access, and there is no additional fee needed.

Not sure how to better enhance your office network security?

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