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Powering Asia’s small business sector with cloud technology

In Singapore, there are also government incentives boosting take-up of locally based technology, such as the island’s Smart Nation initiative. This sort of encouragement not only increases the use of cloud technology but inspires companies to create technology.

Xero recognised the opportunity in Asia early on and the benefits that its cloud-based platform could bring to the millions of SMEs in the region.

  • Include as many as 1,000 connected, third-party apps in the Xero ecosystem that work on mobile and desktop

  • These apps handle everything from invoicing and cash flow management to payroll, CRM, and staff scheduling.

On the banking front, Xero has over 300 connections to financial institutions globally. These include API bank-feed connections to major Asian lenders such as DBS, OCBC and HSBC

Startup successes

In Asia, there is particular growth in eCommerce, gaming, food and beverage, delivery and logistics. I’d like to flag two in particular, both sitting within our ecosystem, that truly embody this spirit and offers very different solutions to help small businesses.

Wilson Lee founded the company in Hong Kong after being struck by the difficulty restaurant owners were facing all over the world relying on disparate and often obsolete systems to run their businesses. Wilson knew there was a way to streamline time-consuming activities that came with running restaurants.

So he created an app called Eats365 and it has disrupted the food and beverage industry with cloud-based technology that enables the seamless flow of information through a single platform, and provides restaurants with an easy-to-use, point-of-sale system.

Its popularity among restaurants of all sizes and patrons, has seen its use spread to 19 countries across the world in just a few years. And by sitting in the Xero ecosystem, SMBs in most of those countries get to utilise both services together to fit their needs.

A different daily approach

Cloud-based tools and integrated apps not only help overcome the challenges of remote working, they have the potential to increase productivity. They’re saving business owners time, the ultimate non-renewable resource and freeing them to focus on their business.

To help enable this approach, we recently created and launched a new Xero App Store. It’s a place where small businesses globally go to discover and buy Xero connected apps, and a place where developers go to extend their reach.

Xero customer search data in the Xero App Store shows there is strong demand for a wide range of solutions born in very different places for customers in just as many locations. Championing innovation and prosperity in Asia will start by identifying and solving local challenges, then driving disruption on a global scale.

Small business has never been more active, with people rethinking how they spend their time, what inspires them and having a go, starting something new or trying something different. This is the moment for small businesses across Asia to set their sights high, explore every possibility and government incentive, and use the technology and platforms available to bring their ideas to life. By retaining a bold and vibrant approach to business, Asia is sure to advance its position in the tech space and can serve as a model for much of the world.

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