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Password & Authentication

Do you know that you should not be using the same password for all platforms?

Most people tend to be using the same password across all platforms and this makes it easier for hackers to hack into their accounts once they gain access to their password.

If there is a data breach, hackers can easily hack into your email, social media, organization platforms and many more which will affect you and the organization you are working at.

You may consider to change your password every 6 months or so.

Yes, it may be troublesome. But for security purpose, this is a good way to ensure that your accounts are better secured.

Multi Factor Authentication

I will refer to this as MFA for short.

MFA is normally via email, SMS or a security question which you have to answer (During setup of an account, you have chosen the security question and input your answer)

Turning on the option of MFA would help greatly.

Let's take Internet Banking for an example. We are normally required to key in the OTP after we log in with our user ID and password.

This in a way makes it more secure.

Once again, I must emphasis that you SHOULD NEVER give anyone access to your login details as well as MFA code!

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