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NAS for SMEs

NAS is Network Attached Storage. It is a device that allows storage and connect to a network. Authorized users can then access the info from a centralized location.

So why is it good for SMEs?

SMEs may not have much space in their office or may find it expensive to store their data in data centres.

Data is simple to backup and no IT personnel is required.

Pricing wise, it is more on the affordable side. As it depends on how much storage you require and can add on if you need more storage. You can think of it as an investment and a private cloud in the office.

It is simple to operate and employees can access data from anywhere thus they can also work from home.

You can also consider using Seagate Ironwolf NAS.

Seagate offers 3 types of Iron Wolf NAS Hard Drive.

Iron Wolf - Suitable for Home, SOHO and small business NAS

Iron Wolf Pro - Suitable for Small and medium business, creative pro NAS

Exos - Suitable for Enterprise NAS

We do carry all the products shared in this post.

Do contact us at 6262 0402 or email to should you have any enquiry or wish to make a purchase.

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