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Improve Customer Satisfaction with SHOPLINE


SHOPLINE is a smart e-commerce platform that provides an All-in-One solution to support merchants to go online and global.

Its key services include inventory and sales management, regional logistics, payment gateways, data analytics tools, storefront theme designs, local customer support, and everything you need to create a store.

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

When customers are satisfied with the business products, it builds up brand loyalty and reputation. It also generates more traffic when satisfied customers decide to recommend it to their friends or family.

Here are three features of SHOPLINE that can help to improve customers satisfaction:


SHOPLINE LIVE allows you to sell your products and receive orders simultaneously while live streaming as if you are talking to them in person.

Key features that it provides:

  • Multistream simultaneously to Facebook from an independent link

  • Auto-add to shopping card with just a keyword

  • Sync inventory, products, and discounts from your online store to your live stream.

Conversational Chatbot

Set up a chatbot with a welcome message to greet customers automatically and a menu panel for customers to find the answers and content themselves within the menu.

The chatbot will also provide order status update via Facebook and LINE. If the product has been shipped or there is any change of status, it will keep the customer updated.

Message Center

Centralizing all customer messages from your online store, Facebook Messenger, and LINE to one place. Making it easier for you to answer incoming inquiries efficiently.

It also provides a 'Quick Reply' function where you can set up frequently used replies for daily conversations to improve your efficiency of daily conversations with customers.

In conclusion, SHOPLINE helps to enhance customer's overall experience with efficiency and boost your average order value.

Need help setting up an online store?

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