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How to make work from home safe and secure?

During this period of time whereby most of the countries are affected by COVID-19, some companies have decided to get their employees to work from home for prevention measures.

But taking preventive measures by getting your employees to work from home isn't enough. Have you thought of whether their home network is safe? Would your company's data be safe?

How about giving Firewalla a try?

It barely takes up space but does alot more for it's size.

Firewalla Blue is an all-in-one, simple, and powerful firewall that connects to your router.

Besides protecting your devices from cyberattacks, it safeguards your personal and business data, it also provides advanced insights into your network.

There is also Build-in VPN server and VPN Client so there is no need to apply for any other VPN services.

Best of all, there is no recurring monthly fee! You just have to pay for the device and that's it.

To get your Firewalla, you can contact us at 6262 0402 or email to

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