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How do I set up my new PSG Grant Laptop?

Since PSG Grant for laptops have ended ages ago, I believe some or if not most of us have already received the laptops and are happily using a new laptop for work.

Since it is a new laptop, you might encounter some difficulties with setting it up if you are not tech savvy and this blog post is in simplified terms for everyone to understand.

Below are some of the problems you might have encountered.

Q: How should I setup my new laptop for my staff?

A: You can set up the admin account for yourself and user account for your staff

(It is important to be in control and assign rights for task)

Q: I have some existing devices like copier, printers, NAS, CCTV – DVR/NVR that I would like get connected. I installed using the Windows add new device or printer but my copier cannot print or cannot connect to the NAS etc.

A: You may wish to visit manufacturer webpage and download driver to install

(You can also subscribe to our IT Package for assistance)

Q: How can I back up my working files to the cloud and make them available on my mobile devices?

A: As Microsoft 365 comes with 1TB storage space in Onedrive, you can install Onedrive and save your files to Onedrive which will leave a copy on the cloud to be sync to your other devices (Mobile phones, tablet, desktop etc)

Bonus: With Onedrive file version history, you will be able to recover earlier version of your files as early as 30 days ago. Hence, if you discovered that your current files is infected with ransomware, you may stand a chance to recover an earlier working copy using this feature.

Q: I understand that the bundled Microsoft 365 have a user email subscription. I would like to know how I can use that?

A: You can use it with your current corporate email

To use the subscribed email, you can register a new email in the system or register your own domain and update the Microsoft 365 DNS records into your domain control panel page

Q: I am currently using public email but would like to use Microsoft 365 with my own domain name as well as transferring the public email to Microsoft 365 email

A: We are able to do data migration and will be able to bring your previous emails to Microsoft 365 email and also mail forwarding of new email, transferring all mail and address book

The above are the commonly asked questions and thus we have thought it might be helpful.

But if you need further assistance, why not consider taking up an IT support package?

Not everyone is able to get it done by themselves even with Google as your best friend.

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Starting from just $0, and no, you are not dreaming, you can subscribe to our IT Package.

If you wish to upgrade package, it can be done anytime.

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