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Grab announces collaboration with OpenAI to build and deploy advanced AI Solutions

As part of its collaboration with OpenAI, Grab will "explore using AI technology to build customer support chatbots."

Grab said the collaboration is the first of its kind for OpenAI and Southeast Asia and that it would access OpenAI's tools to "partner on solutions" for users in the region,

This will be focused initially on three areas: Accessibility, customer support and mapping.

"Grab will leverage the use of state-of-the-art text and voice capabilities to make Grab's services more accessible to all users, particularly the visually impaired or elderly who may otherwise find it challenging to navigate the on-screen app interface." said the company.

Grab will also investigate employing AI to develop customer support chatbots that can more effectively comprehend user issues and expedite their resolution.

Grab will also aim to utilize OpenAI's vision capabilities to improve its map-making processes by increasing automation and extracting higher-quality data from visual images.

"Our goal with any new technology has always been to use it to solve real problems, at scale. Equipped with the latest tools, we look forward to building novel and delightful experiences for our customers while improving the way that every Grabber works." Grab's chief product officer Philipp Kandal said.

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