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Firewalla VS Mask

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

While you are purchasing mask to protect your family and you, have you thought of protecting the data stored in your computer?

While a piece of disposable mask cost approximately $0.50 - $0.80 per day, Firewalla helps to protect your IOT devices and network at home or in the office and it cost only $0.81 per day or lesser.

This is just a plug and play device. NO messy installation or having to spend time downloading the antivirus software one by one into your devices.

Ad Blocker

No more annoying ads popping out when browsing the net

Cyber Security

It can detect and block cyberattack

Block malicious websites

Scan your network for security vulnerabilities

Parental Control

Monitor your kid's usage on the Firewalla app itself

Restrict internet access / malicious websites

Control the timing they are able to access social networking sites


NO monthly fee

Protect your privacy when you are out and using public wifi

Contact us at 6262 0402 or email to for more information.

To make a purchase, you can purchase directly from our online store at or our store at Shopee :

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