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Firewalla Blue Plus

So far, we all know that there is 3 types of Firewalla device available in the market.

But there is 1 additional device in the market available for preorder right now.

It is the Firewalla Blue Plus as pictured above.

So now you might be thinking, what is the difference between Firewalla Blue and Firewalla Blue Plus besides a lighter and darker shade of blue?

It have a slightly faster processor and 2GB of system memory as compared to Firewalla Blue which only have 1GB of system memory.

3 features which is unique to this device.

  • Block up to 10 regions, instead of just 3 regions

  • Easily and safely extend Firewalla functionalities with applications running inside Docker containers

  • Simple Smart Queue to manage congestion and buffer bloat as well as docker container support

Firewalla Blue Plus device can be preordered through Firewalla's official website : :)

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