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Do we need a Large Format Display?

Are you looking into large format displays or digital displays? If yes, what is the purpose of it?

Large-format displays are flat screens that are designed with thin bezels or bezel-less. It is usually mounted onto walls and can be used independently or grouped for a multi-screen display, depending on the size.

Large-format displays (LFDs) are often used commercially and in schools and offices. Touch screen LFDs are also available and useful for presentations or meetings which are more applicable in offices or schools.

Purposes of LFD

  • Small to large businesses LFDs can be used however it would benefit them. Many businesses can use LFDs as a medium for advertising as they can display adverts or any general messages in a physical store/building.

  • Training For companies with a lot of internal training, having a large format display monitor (preferably touch screen) would help create a more interactive environment and boost participation.

  • Outdoors Some large-format displays are meant for outdoor usage, which helps the promotion of your business or any marketing campaign.

At Ace, we offer large format displays/signages which are often used in

  • Office - Meeting & Conference

  • School - Educational Purposes

  • Malls/Retail shops and bus stops - Posters and Outdoor Advertisement

  • Hospitals and Corporate buildings - General Message

  • Events

We also have a range of video walls—from narrow-bezel to bezel-less that are built from multiple displays, and they are able to stay on for more than a few hours. They usually stay on 24/7. The individual display size ranges up to 98”.

If you are looking to invest in a large-format display, do contact us at or call us at (+65) 6262 0402. You can also visit the LFDs category in our subsidiary brand, AV.SG to browse for options!


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