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Cybersecurity in the Digital Supply Chain

In today's digital landscape, ensuring the security if the supply chain is essential in light of increased vulnerabilities. By exploring innovative strategies, organizations can strengthen defenses and maintain the integrity of their digital supply networks.

What is A Digital Supply Chain?

A digital supply chain is an interconnected network of processes, technologies, and stakeholders that manage the flow of goods, services, information, and finance from suppliers to end customers through digital means.

Latest Insights into The Top Cybersecurity Trends

With pre-purchased hardware and software, we have little control and visibility over the potential risks threats that may be lurking in the background. Digital supply chain risk arises from the lack of protection and maintenance of the enterprise's firmware and hardware which may not be visible. That is where Acronis comes into play,

Acronis is a global technology company specializing in cyber protection solutions, best known for its backup, disaster recovery, and secure data access products. Acronis integrates cybersecurity features to protect against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Here are some key aspects of Acronis:

  1. Backup and Recovery Offers comprehensive backup solutions for personal and business use, protecting data from accidental deletion, hardware failures, and cyber threats.

  2. Cyber Protection Beyond traditional backups, Acronis integrates cybersecurity features to protect against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Their solutions often combine backup with anti-malware protection to ensure data integrity and availability.

  3. Disaster Recovery Acronis provides disaster recovery solutions that help businesses maintain continuity in the event of a major IT failure. This includes cloud-based disaster recovery services that allow for rapid recovery of systems and data.

  4. Secure Data Access Acronis offers secure file sync and share solutions that enable users to access and share files securely from any device. This is particularly useful for remote and mobile workforces.

There are two main parts to supply chain security:

  1. Application Supply Chain Security Enterprises will be required to source the right tools to detect anomalies in the operating systems and applications that are currently in use.

  2. Infrastructure Supply Chain Security Within the hardware infrastructure stack, the endpoint, which refers to servers, IoT, etc., there lies a lack of focus in securing these areas.


With digital supply chain risk and firmware attacks is increasing, it is crucial for enterprises to implement a comprehensive, continuous verification and monitoring strategy that addresses not only the software but also the hardware subcomponents.

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