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Cyber Security - 5 Reasons on Why You Need Firewall

Top 5 Reasons on why you need Firewall

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and allows or denies traffic based on a set of security rules. Its purpose is to create a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks, such as the internet, in order to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

Firewalls help to prevent unauthorized access

Firewalls help prevent unauthorized remote access by filtering traffic and blocking outsiders from gaining access to your network. It can also block users from accessing specific websites and programs from unauthorized internet access.

A firewall can protect old PCs in the short term

There are still people using Windows XP and Windows 7 even though there are newer versions and some of them are using them without any firewall. This makes them vulnerable and easy targets for hackers. For those using Windows 7, install a proper firewall and get yourself protected.

You can use Firewall to provide VPN Service

Various firewalls provide VPN which establishes a protected connection between you and the network. There are site-to-site connectivity and remote access VPN. Through this, users at remote sites can access the network resources securely.

** Find out more about VPN here.

Firewalls can block inappropriate content

The firewall also provides content filtering, giving you an option to block specific destinations or mature websites.

A firewall can be either hardware or software

Not all firewalls are software, hardware firewalls are built into routers at homes. Accessing the firewall settings requires you to log in and configure the settings.

Overall, a Firewall is an essential software as it protects your network against cyber attackers by shielding your network from malicious or unauthorized network traffic and prevents malicious software from accessing your computer.

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