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Companies advised not to pay if hit by Akira ransomware

Singapore authorities on Friday (June 7) issued an advisory about the Akira ransomware group and advised organizations against paying a ransom should they fall victim to an

attack. Instead, victims should immediately report the incident to the authorities, said the

police, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

Suspectfile, an independent website that covers the ransomware phenomenon, reported that Shook Lin & Bok paid a ransom of US$1.4 million in bitcoin.

Authorities said that they "do not recommend paying the ransom" when hit with a ransomware attack, and that companies should report the incident immediately.

The authorities also added that "Paying the ransom does not guarantee that the data will be decrypted or that threat actors will not publish your data. Furthermore, threat actors may see your organization as a soft target and strike again in the future. This may also encourage them to continue their criminal activities and target more victims".

Businesses and organizations in sectors including education, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare around the world have been affected by the Akira threat group. The proposed amount will also be based on a study of the victim organization's business profile.

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