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Common Windows 10 Issues and How To Fix Them

Windows 10 may be a pretty dependable working framework, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver you fits from time to time. It can be peppered with a few frustratingly common issues which will keep you from accomplishing the things you wish to on your PC, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be taken care of with small know-how.

If you discover that you’re running into issues here and there, we’ve got a choice of fixes you'll be able to attempt so you can get things back to the ordinary once more with a negligible sum of fuss. It’s as a rule pretty straightforward to apply these resolutions, so in the event that you’re having issues, perused on for a few simple ways to clear up the foremost common disappointments that can bring your PC time to a shrieking end – or at the slightest make it a small less irritating.

1 - Not enough space to install a Windows update

Usually, a fairly common issue that people run into all the time: You attempt to introduce a Windows update and run out of space. Not to worry! In the event that you would like to free up space rapidly, there’s a simple settle. Depending on the estimate of the upgrade you need to begin, you ought to erase a couple of programs or records to clear up space.

In case you have got a part of extraneous programs or apps that ought to be deleted, just head to the Control Board to uninstall the ones you aren’t utilizing. You ought to be able to clear up sufficient space here to execute the upgrade, at the very least. You’d be shocked how much space things like games and other apps can take up.

If that doesn’t work, go through your individual records and archives. Are there things like pictures and recordings you’ve spared simply don’t require any longer? Junk them! Fair don’t forget to purge the ReuseCanister once you’re wrapped up. Things aren’t really erased until you’ve done that, besides.

2 - You received an error code while updating

It's happened to all of us. You attempt to install an update, but Windows has other ideas. That is not a problem! There is usually a quick fix for this problem as well. The first thing you should do is launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Run it, restart your device, and then check for new updates by going to the Start menu, Settings, and Update & Security. Choose Windows Update and then Check for updates. If the issue you were having was resolved, you can proceed to install the updates you were having trouble with.

3 - The search bar or Start menu disappears

You might have unknowingly hidden the taskbar in Windows 10. To resolve this, press the Windows logo key + I and browse to Personalization. This should unhide your taskbar and prevent it from disappearing in the future. There are also more suggestions stored on this official Microsoft support page.

4 - Apps won’t work with Windows 10 after you’ve upgraded

Is the new app you just downloaded for Windows 10 not working after you upgrade? You may need to re-download the app from the Windows Store. Delete your app from the App Store and reinstall a new copy. Chances are, this will quickly resolve the issue, and you won't have to worry about being without another less important app. After all, it always seems to be your favorites who are affected.

5 - Set privacy and Wi-Fi settings

Don't make the simple error of leaving your wireless network open to the public. If you're concerned about sharing your PC's contents or making its wireless service available to everyone, make sure you take this quick step. If you don't want your network or PC to be discoverable to other devices on the same network, go to your network settings and select the Private network option. Go ahead and make that your default setting so you don't have any privacy issues in the future.


These are some of the common problems in Windows 10 you may face but don't worry as these problems can be easily solved with some manual tips and tricks.

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