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CCTV Cameras For Construction Site where Safety Is The Number 1 Priority!

Updated: May 30

From 1st June 2024 onwards, all construction sites with a project value of $5 million and above are required to install video surveillance system (VSS) at worksite locations where there are high-risk work activities.

What is VSS?

The VSS is a network of cameras, monitors or display units, and recorders used for:

  • Surveillance

  • Identification of workplace safety and health (WSH) risks.

  • Facilitation of incident investigation and corrective actions.

  • Deterring unsafe workplace behaviours.

The objective of VSS is to proactively identify and address WSH challenges before they become serious accidents. Video Surveillance System (VSS) one way that companies can deploy technologies to monitor operations and better manage WSH risks. It provides real-time monitoring of work activities, allowing for quick intervention and prevention of accidents.

VSS helps companies to manage risks and improve WSH in several ways:

  • Monitoring Surveillance cameras provide real-time monitoring of the workplace, allowing occupiers/employers/principals to identify risks, potentially unsafe situations, and act on any lapses observed before an incident occurs.

  • Deterrence The presence of cameras acts as a deterrent for unsafe behaviours for all persons onsite (including contractors and visitors) by knowing the workplace is being monitored and work activities captured.

  • Training Surveillance recording can be used for training as it provides examples of both safe and unsafe behavious at the workplace. This reinforces the company's WSH policy.

  • Insight In the event of a WSH incident, e.g. a near-miss or dangerous occurrence or accident, surveillance recordings can be analyzed to provide valuable insight for investigations.

Video footage can also be shared with workers during safety briefings, toolbox meetings and/or training sessions to identify what were the unsafe acts and lapses.

The two common types of camera are used are:

Overall, VSS helps workers to understand the risks and how to prevent them from having

a incident. VSS also helps to monitor and analyze probable risks that may occur.

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