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Bullguard Small Office Security Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion

Currently we are running a promotion for Bullguard Small Office Security.

Small Office Security License - BUY 1 FREE 1 (Special discount for corporate only)

At just $40, you will be getting 1 license + 1 license ( free )

There is no limit as to how many licenses which you can purchase.

Many corporate users do not bother about their computer's safety until their IOT gets infected with malware, ransomware or virus which will affect their files stored inside it.

I really cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to get an antivirus installed on your IOT. Do not come to regret only when your files is all lost and you have to pay a huge sum to get your files back.

Bullguard Mobile Security - Buy 1 Free 1 (Special discount for corporate only)

For corporate purchases, we are also offering the Bullguard Mobile Security at $18/license (Buy 1 Free 1) which you can purchase and give it to your staffs as staff bonus.

  • Bullguard Mobile Security will not drain your device battery

  • If you happen to lose your phone or if it ever get stolen, it enables you to lock, locate and wipe the data inside so you don't have to be worried of sensitive data getting stolen

  • All Bullguard Mobile Protection features can be controlled remotely from any computer and with any browser

Give us a call at 62620402 or drop us an email at should you have any enquiries or should you wish to make a purchase.


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